Question: How tall was Michael Jordan his freshman year?

Players High School Height as a Freshman
Michael Jordan Emsley A. Laney 5’8″
Stephen Curry Charlotte Christian 5’6″
Russell Westbrook Leuzinger 5’8″
Kyrie Irving St. Patrick 5’7″

How tall was Michael Jordan in 9th grade?

Additionally, how tall was Michael Jordan in 9th grade? At his high school, he played basketball, football, and baseball. He had grown to a height of 5’11”. This made him taller than his two older brothers.

What was Michael Jordan’s height when he was 14?

If we look at other great SG in the NBA history, then Michael Jordan was 5’10” and Kobe Byrant was around 6’1″ at the age of 14. So, CJ was way shorter in height but was granted a crazy growth spurt later on.

How tall was Kobe 15?

Kobe Bryant was around 6’1″ as a freshman in high school.

Do late bloomers get taller?

Late bloomers develop taller than early bloomers. … But speaking generally, late bloomers tend to grow more than their fellow early bloomers. Doesn’t mean that every late bloomer is taller than an early bloomer, just that on average they grow more inches or cm.

How tall was LeBron James at 14?

How tall was LeBron James at 14? The average 11-year-old boy stands around 4’9″, so LeBron was pretty tall for his age. He was already 6’5″ in his freshman year of high school where he was an immediate star of his varsity team.

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Will I be as tall as my dad?

You are a combination of the genes of your mother and your father. Your father is not taller than your father. So you have no reasonable expectation to be taller than he is. Your mother is not only not taller than your father, she is in fact significantly shorter than your father.

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