Question: How do you host a basketball camp?

What do you need for basketball camp?

Basketball camp is going to require great shoes, a change of athletic clothes or shorts, and anything else that’s on the camp packing list. TTA requires you to bring your own basketball with your name clearly written on it.

What do you do at a basketball camp?

During camps the focus will be on every aspect of the game and on overall training of the player. Skills that are often taught at basketball camps are ball handling, shooting, competitive league play, pre-season training and much more. A great player will be versatile in all parts of basketball.

How much do Nike camps cost?

Most day camps for ages 8-15 cost between $130 and $300. An elite Nike overnight basketball camps will be closer to $700, but this price includes a room and three meals a day. Nike’s Pro Player Camps will cost between $300 and $500.

How much is Lebron James basketball camp?

Cost: Day rate, $550; overnight, $685. The camp is sold out.

What do you wear to a basketball camp?

Clothing should include shorts and t-shirts (or whatever your child wears to play their sport) along with plenty of socks and underwear. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a light rain jacket should be included for chillier days, and pajamas are required for nighttime.

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How can I get better at basketball?

8 Ways to Improve Your Basketball Skills

  1. Prioritize ball control. …
  2. Identify and improve your weak spots. …
  3. Practice at game speed. …
  4. Improve your physical fitness. …
  5. Work on your lower body shooting mechanics. …
  6. Practice your hand alignment on the ball. …
  7. Watch more college basketball games.
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