Is Ybkam on TikTok related to Michael B Jordan?

The rumours are all fake, and @ybkam isn’t actually Michael B. Jordan’s brother, but he’s certainly fooled a lot of people. The FaceTime video was obviously a trick created using some clever video editing techniques, and the pair aren’ actually related in any way.

Does Michael B. Jordan have any brothers?

Who is TikTok Kam?

The Brief: On TikTok, KAM stands for “Kill All Men.” KAM 2020 is an associated slogan. The phrase “Kill All Men” is said to poke fun at extreme feminists while raising awareness about toxic masculinity.

What is Michael B. Jordan’s next?

Do Michael B. Jordan have a baby?

Michael B. Jordan won’t follow his family’s naming traditions when he has a child of his own. The 34-year-old actor is named after his father, Michael A. Jordan, and has said he has no plans to name his future son Michael C.

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