Is NBA ball bigger than FIBA?

The FIBA ball is the same size as an NBA ball (29.5-inch circumference), but some will swear to you it feels smaller and lighter.

Is NBA bigger than FIBA?

The dimensions of a FIBA court are slightly smaller than that of the NBA. An NBA court measures in at 94′ x 50′ (29.65 m x 15.24 m), while a FIBA court comes in at 91′ 10″ x 49′ 2.5″ (28 m x 15 m). … It looks to me like FIBA wanted to match the NBA court size — only in their own measurement system. I can understand that.

Is the 3×3 ball smaller?

The 3×3 game is very different from its full-court counterpart. … But the 3×3 ball is a bit smaller at 28.5 inches. This change was introduced to allow improved ball handling, which is crucial in the street style of the sport. It is also better suited to the faster pace of the half-court game.

Does WNBA use same ball as NBA?

ROSTERS: WNBA teams have 11 players on regular-season rosters; NBA teams have 12. … That compares with 23 feet, 9 inches in the NBA. BALL SIZE: The circumference of the WNBA ball is 281/2 inches, the same size as the ball used in women’s college basketball. The NBA ball is 295/8 to 297/8 inches in circumference.

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