Is LeBron James left or right handed?

LeBron James writes with his left hand, eats with his left hand and uses his dominant left hand for almost everything in his life—except his job. He is a natural lefty and basketball righty.

Is James Harden left or right handed?

Harden averaged a ridiculous 34 points per game for the Rockets in the 2019-20 season and has led the entire league in scoring for the past three seasons. Harden is already atop the best left-handed scorers, and only recently seems to have hit his prime.

Is Shaq left-handed?

And while that shows in the NBA, with top superstars like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird — you get the point — all dominating with their right hand, there’s a fair share of all-time greats who represented the other 10 percent loud and proud.

Do left-handed basketball players have an advantage?

One advantage that may be over or under-looked is left-handed players when they grow up playing basketball and learning the game they more likely develop both hands and are able to use them quicker than a right-handed player. … Giving them more practice with their weak hand. Everyone loves the right side of the court.

Is Kevin Durant left-handed?

Durant, a right-handed player, tore his right Achilles tendon. … The user also cited right-handed players who tore their left Achilles and didn’t fare as well post-surgery, such as Kobe Bryant, Elton Brand and Matthews.

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Was Michael Jordan left handed or right-handed?

He explained that the players (Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway) he has looked up to in his childhood were all right-handed.

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