How was basketball played when it was first invented?

After brainstorming some new ideas, Naismith developed basketball’s original 13 rules and, consequently, the game of basketball. The new indoor game was played with a soccer ball, peach baskets, and nine to a side. This first contest is believed to have been played on December 21, 1891.

How was basketball played in the 1800s?

Basketball was invented in the late 1800s by the Canadian born James Naismith. … Initially, the game was played with 9 players per team, there was a peach basket instead of hoops, and the ball was smaller and similar to a soccer ball.

Who really invented basketball?

What can u say about the evolution and history of basketball?

Basketball was invented in 1891 by Jim Naismith. He invented the sport for indoors play at the YMCA during the Massachusetts winter. The first game was played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets for goals. The sport spread from the YMCA to colleges where the first basketball leagues were formed.

How has basketball changed since it was invented?

Although the original 13 rules have been expanded to over 100, the spirit and principles of the original rules are still in effect in today. Major rule changes over the years addressed the number of players, the court boundaries, dribbling, and the elimination of the center jump after made baskets.

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