How much do Duke students pay for basketball tickets?

Do Duke students get free basketball tickets?

Krzyzewskiville, or K-ville for short, is a phenomenon that occurs before major men’s basketball games at Duke University. … However, there are no student tickets; students are admitted from the line an hour and a half before each game.

Do Duke students have to pay for basketball tickets?

Graduate and professional students eligible to use a season ticket are those who have paid their student activities fee (i.e. if you were eligible to participate in the season ticket lottery, you are eligible to use a season ticket).

How much are Duke basketball tickets?

Duke Blue Devils Basketball Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2019-20 Cameron Indoor Stadium $265
2018-19 Madison Square Garden $154
2018-19 Place Bell $45
2018-19 Cameron Indoor Stadium $324

Can Duke students go to games for free?

No, you don’t have to pay. Duke offers its students free admission to all home sporting events as long as students show their DukeCard upon entry. Some sporting events require a ticket—notably football games—which can be picked up with a DukeCard at the Duke Athletics Ticket Office.

Who is the best Duke basketball player of all time?

Read on for more on Singler and the rest of the 50 greatest stars ever to play for Duke.

  1. Christian Laettner (1988-92) 50 of 50.
  2. Bobby Hurley (1989-93) 49 of 50. …
  3. J.J. Redick (2002-06) …
  4. Shane Battier (1997-01) 47 of 50. …
  5. Mike Gminski (1976-80) 46 of 50. …
  6. Chris Duhon (2000-04) …
  7. Shelden Williams (2002-06) …
  8. Jason Williams (1999-02) …
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How do I get Duke basketball tickets?

All Iron Dukes members will receive ACC and NCAA ticketing information in the weeks prior to the respective tournaments. Members at qualifying give levels will be able to place requests through or over the phone through the Duke Athletic Ticket Office.

How much are college basketball tickets?

The average ticket price for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 this year is $267, which is considerable less than previous years. The Sweet 16 and Elite 8 average ticket price was $405 in 2018 and $417 in 2019.

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