How many points would Michael Jordan have if he didn’t retire?

What would happen if Michael Jordan never retired in 1993?

But what if Jordan hadn’t retired in 1993? … Some believe Jordan would have won eight straight; others think MJ would’ve fallen to Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets. The answer might be somewhere in between. Maybe Jordan wouldn’t have won eight straight, but perhaps he wouldn’t have lost to the Rockets either.

What is the fewest points the Bulls ever scored in a game?

Chicago Bulls vs.

On April 10, 1999, Bulls and Heat ended up a game with 49 and 82 points respectively. The score of 49 by Bulls is the lowest by one team in an NBA game.

How long did Jordan miss?

James also made the All-NBA second team, but his team didn’t make the playoffs. Michel Jordan: Jordan missed 64 games because he had a broken foot, but he averaged 22.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game and shot 45.7 % from the field in the 18 regular season games he played.

Why did Jordan retire in 98?

Though he had earlier stated publicly that he would not play for any coach besides Jackson, Jordan explained his decision to retire by saying he had lost the drive and desire that was necessary to continue playing at such a high level, and that he wanted to spend more time with his family.

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Did Chicago Bulls win without Michael Jordan?

1993-94: There Is Life Without Jordan

However, the 1993-94 Bulls proved there was life without Michael Jordan. Although Chicago didn’t win its fourth straight championship, it posted a 55-27 record (for second place behind the Atlanta Hawks in the Central Division) and advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Did Michael Jordan ever score 0 points?

Michael Jordan had his fewest points in a game on December 15, 2002 and on April 2, 2002, with 2 points.

What is Michael Jordan’s highest scoring game?

Michael Jordan dropped a career-high 69 points in the Chicago Bulls overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many times did Michael Jordan scored 60 points?

Only six players have scored 60 or more points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain (32 times), Kobe Bryant (6 times), Michael Jordan (5 times), Elgin Baylor (4 times), James Harden (4 times), and Damian Lillard (3 times).

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