How do you wear NBA shoes?

Do basketball shoes go with jeans?

Basketball sneakers, in particular, have been some of the most difficult designs to wear with a pair of jeans, mainly because of the height of the sneakers. This often results in people wearing too-baggy jeans and having an overall sloppy aesthetic from the ankle down.

Can u wear basketball shoes off court?

The cardinal rule is to never wear your indoor shoes outside. Doing so can cause your basketball shoes to lose both grip and color faster. If you avoid exposing them to the elements, they will likely last much longer. By only wearing your shoes on the court, you can keep them cleaner as well.

Are basketball shoes bad for your feet?

Too many basketball players overlook the importance of buying a durable and high-quality pair of basketball shoes, which is astounding when you consider how much time they spend pounding their feet into the ground. Bad shoes can lead not only to foot and ankle problems, but leg, hip, and even back pain as well.

Can you wear Kobe’s with jeans?

The short answer is “do whatever you want.” Popped tongues were the move in the ’80s and ’90s, and would work equally well with jeans or joggers. And the Kobe 9, as high as they are, still aren’t nearly as bulky as the big-time late ’80s, early ’90s drops—Reebok Pumps, Nike Air Force Vs, Reebok 4600s.

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Can you play in Jordans in the NBA?

Originally Answered: Do any NBA players wear Jordans? Yes, lots of them do. Players like Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul play every game in their signature pair of Jordan’s while other players like Zion and Jayson tatum are just signed to the brand and therefore wear Jordan brand sneakers.

Is it okay to wear Jordans?

It is most certainly for casual fans or just not fans in general to wear basketball shoes, especially the ever in style Jordans. They are aesthetically pleasing, and look especially good with skinny or strait leg jeans, if that is your thing.

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