How do you get the best face scan on NBA 2K21?

Can you face scan a picture NBA 2K21?

As you turn your head, make sure you are not just pointing your chin from side to side. If you want to really get into NBA 2K21, the option to scan your face is once again in the game. Facial scanning technology has been in the NBA 2K franchise since NBA 2K15.

Why is 2K21 face scan not working?

If you get any errors during this step, try relaunching the NBA 2K21 app on your console and reloading. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to try a new Face Scan altogether. If you did it right, the scan will load as part of the rest of the MyPlayer default head options.

How do you face scan celebrities on 2K20?

How to use the NBA 2K20 Face Scan app

  1. In the app’s console features tab, sign in with your PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo or Steam account depending on your platform of choice. …
  2. After signing in, you should see a screen that says “Connected with” followed by the logo of your platform.
  3. Above that is a button to Face Scan.

What is the best jumpshot for 2K20?

[Top 10] NBA 2k20 Best Jumpshots of All Time

  • #1- The 98/45.
  • #2- Custom Dwayne Wade.
  • #3- 98 Blend.
  • #4- ANOTHER 98 blend.
  • #5- Steph Curry.
  • #6- Michael Jordan.
  • #7- LeBron James.
  • #8- Clyde Drexler.
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