How do you Boxout in NBA 2K14 PC?

Preferably on PC. If you’re not playing with a gamepad, you need to be. The default is left trigger on Xbox-style controller or L2 on PlayStation style controller. As soon as the shot goes up, you can old it down and move the right stick to shade the player behind you to make sure they don’t slip around you.

How do you post up in NBA 2K14?

When you have the ball in your hands, press Triangle to post up on your man. Then hold down R2 and tilt the left stick in the direction you want to back your opponent into. Then you can do a post move to your liking.

How do you play multiplayer on NBA 2K14?

Have the other person use the second controller and hit the xbox button or say xbox go home. Then move up to the top left of the screen and click the profile avatar. Then add guest and make sure the kinect identifies the second player then click ok. Go back into the game and play.

How do you set a screen in NBA 2k14?

Hold the B button to call for screens.

How do you shoot free throws in NBA 2K14?

Best way to do the free throws is to pull straight back on the right stick…and soon as you see the hands of the player go as far back as possible… LET GO OF THE RIGHT STICK!… don’t push it up…just let it go and it will pop up to it’s normal position by it self…

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How do you get good at NBA 2K14?

NBA 2K14 Tips: Offense

  1. Offensive Sets Are Your Friend. When your team storms the court and gets into scoring position, they’ll use one of many offensive sets put into place by the coach. …
  2. Throw ‘Em Off. …
  3. It’s Not Always a Horse Race. …
  4. Wrap It Up.

How do you play games with 2 keyboards?

How to Connect Two Keyboards to One Computer for Gaming?

  1. Plug and Play. The convenient way of connecting two keyboards to one computer is by simple plug-and-play. …
  2. Logitech Unifying Receiver. Every gamer will agree that a PC gaming setup is incomplete without Logitech gear in it. …
  3. Third-Party Plug-ins.

How do you pick and roll in NBA 2k14?

How do you run pick and roll on 2K14 PC? You can hold 0 for a quick screen, in which the game will pick a nearby PF/C to screen for you. If you only press 0, you can choose which player to screen for you.

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