How do I change my starting lineup in NBA 2K18?

Can you use a custom roster in MyGM 2k18?

Normally, when you begin the MyGM or MyLeague it will give you the option to turn “Custom Roster” on. This comes up on the same screen that has you adjust the difficulty, whether you want to do a fantasy draft, and whether you want to have salary cap. Simply turn the custom roster option to On.

Can you save a MyLeague roster?

Once you are in the MyLeague you want to share, scroll right to “Options” in the mode’s main menu. You will discover the ‘Share Save’ option on the far right part of the screen.

Can you change minutes in 2k21 my career?

This can be done by going into the settings menu of the game. The player just needs to open the Features tab on the menu. Find the option, “quarter length” and change it accordingly. Usually, in real-time, NBA quarter is 12 minutes long.

Can you update rosters on NBA 2K21?

How to update Roster 2k21 on Xbox. Click on the Manage button which is on the left sidebar. … If you see NBA 2k21 icon, select it and click the Menu button on your controller. Now click on Update Game option.

How do you load a roster on NBA 2K21?

Simply turn the custom roster option to On. Then, once you continue, it will take you to a screen to download a custom roster. When you’re at the screen that gives you The choice to choose either a Normal, Expansion, or Custom league, press whatever button is designated to bring up the choice of rosters.

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