Has there been a Mexican in the NBA?

Toscano-Anderson, 27, is currently the only Mexican player in the NBA.

Are there any Mexican American players in the NBA?

These athletes accomplishments have put their ancestry and home countries in the public eye increasing awareness of Latinos in America. The NBA also has several Brazilian players: Leandro Barbosa, Nené, Anderson Varejão, Tiago Splitter, Fab Melo, and Scott Machado.

Who is a famous Hispanic basketball player?

Former hispanic NBA players Reverse chronological order

Name Pos. In the NBA
José Juan Barea PG 14
Álex Abrines G/F 3
José M. Calderón PG 14

Does Mexico have an Olympic basketball team?

In 2013, Mexico won the FIBA AmeriCup.

Mexico men’s national basketball team.

FIBA zone FIBA Americas
National federation Asociación Deportiva Mexicana de Básquetbol
Coach Omar Quintero Pereda
Nickname(s) 12 Guerreros
Olympic Games
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Playing basketball