Frequent question: Why can’t I dunk in warmups?

Why can’t I dunk in warmups?

There was no good reason for the rule preventing dunks in warmups. It wasn’t a matter of player safety: If dunks were particularly dangerous, they’d be outlawed in games in addition to before them. … And from time to time, it cost teams in actual basketball games.

Is dunking in warm-ups banned in the NBA?

Dunking During Pre-game

The Basketball Manual specifically addresses that players are not to dunk during warmup periods and it is the responsibility of the administration and coaches to ensure this does not happen.

Can you dunk in high school warmups?

Pregame Warmups

The IHSAA follows guidelines set out by the National Federation of High School Athletic Associations (NFHS). NFHS rules prohibit basketball players from dunking during pregame warmups. If a player does dunk during warmups, the team’s coach is assessed a technical foul.

Is it a technical foul to dunk in warmups?

Yes, you can get a technical for dunking a basketball in the NCAA, if you do it before the game. Observe: Kansas State was accessed a Class B technical foul during warm-ups. UK will shoot two free throws prior to the jump ball.

Can you dunk in high school basketball?

Yet even when both college and high school lifted the ban, dunking was still not allowed during pregame warm-ups. Last year, the NCAA reversed course and started allowing players to dunk in warm-ups. Yet it remains a no-no in high school basketball. Violators are still assessed a technical foul.

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Is dunking a foul?

A foul in the act of dunking should be 2 points count and 1 because the ball is in a downward motion the same as if it was a normal shot. Referees have to judge the trajectory of a shot it’s not hard to see whether a player dunking the ball is above the rimg.

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