Frequent question: Who wrote books about Michael Jordan?

Roland Lazenby is the author of the bestselling and definitive biographies Michael Jordan and Jerry West, among other books. He has spent the past three decades interviewing NBA players, coaches, staff members, and other figures while writing about the league.

Who was Michael Jordan inspired by?

Davis was a six-time NBA All-Star, and Jordan modeled his game after Davis. “It is humbling to hear him say that I was an influence on him growing up, that he was a fan of mine,” David said of Jordan, according to Basketball Network.

How many wives did MJ have?

Jordan has been married twice and has five children between both of his marriages, and as of 2019, he’s even a grandfather!

Did Michael Jordan’s mom put salt in his shoes?

How did Michael Jordan become arguably the world’s greatest athlete? Maybe the salt in his shoes had something to do with it. … As she prepared chicken at the stove, Deloris Jordan told her son to put salt in his shoes and to pray. “It was a silly comment, but at that moment I was trying to comfort him,” she said.

Is Michael Jordan still alive?

Yes he is Alive and well ! Michael Jordan is 53 years old involved in the NBA, Jordan, and others business, he is the first billionaire basketball player too. NBA Rookie of the year (1985), leading NBA scorer (1987-93), named the NBA Most Valuable Player 5 times. Is Michael Jordan still alive?

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Who is Michael Jackson books?

Michael Jackson

  • Moonwalk.
  • Dancing the Dream.
  • Michael Jackson Greatest Hits: Easy Abc Music For Electronic Keyboards.
  • Moonwalker: The Storybook Original Story by Michael Jackson.
  • Michael Jackson: Number Ones.
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