Did Michael Jordan write an autobiography?

Amazon.com: For the Love of the Game: My Story: 9780609602065: Michael Jordan, Mark Vancil: Books.

What is the best Michael Jordan biography?

Michael Leahy’s When Nothing Else Matters is the best book about Jordan’s two years with the Wizards, and also perhaps the most unflattering one ever written about him.

Was Michael Jordan poor as a kid?

” One thing that Michael wasn`t good at, according to his father, was working. ”Michael is probably the laziest kid I had,” said James Jordan, who grew up the son of a poor farmer and was driving a tractor by the age of 10. ”If he had to get a job in a factory punching a clock, he`d starve to death.

Did Michael Jordan really put salt in his shoes?

The book tells the story of how young Michael Jordan agonized over being too small to play basketball with the bigger kids, and one day he asked his mother what he could do to grow taller. As she prepared chicken at the stove, Deloris Jordan told her son to put salt in his shoes and to pray.

What are Michael Jordan’s most famous qualities?

Jordan shows all the qualities of a great person: Honor, excellence and courage. He was the most inspirational and energetic player in the NBA. He never lost the thirst to succeed and perseverence to win.

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