Can you like 2 basketball teams?

Can I like 2 NBA teams?

You can be a fan of more than one basketball team because it’s a player’s league. You’re more likely to like about a dozen different players on assortments of teams than you are to strictly stay loyal to the support of one NBA team.

Is it OK to have two favorite teams?

You can be a fan of as many teams as you like, in either conference. Many fans have adopted the team in the current home town while still rooting for the team they grew up with. For instance someone living in Dallas who was born in Chicago could easily be both a Cowboys and Bears fan.

Can you like multiple teams?

I firmly assert that it is totally acceptable for one to like multiple sports teams in the same leagues. In many ways, rabid sports fans are analogous to nerds; sometimes people can be both. …

Is it OK to switch favorite teams?

In short, if your team is frustrating you, it’s OK to follow other teams. But they will never be your teams in the same way as your favorite team is. It’s immoral, if you are a true fan of the game in general.

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Are the Suns allowing fans?

What we know: The Suns will be welcoming 16,000 fans to their arena, beginning in Game 5 against the Lakers. Phoenix increased attendance for the playoffs and had 11,824 in Game 1 of the series.

Can you root for multiple teams?

Root for a different one each game if that is what you like to do. Root for all of them, or none of them for any reason you want. It is up to you. Generally I think people choose a team from their own location.

Is it OK to like more than one football team?

It’s totally ok to have a secondary club you love as long as it isn’t a rival. You should love football first and ideally only care about the quality of play. But it’s hard not to take any sides. I am not that much tied up to a single team anymore as I love watching some the best teams from England and Spain.

Can you have 2 football teams?

It’s one of those bizarre unwritten rules of football fandom — billed almost as sporting adultery — that seems to be accepted and never questioned. You’re not allowed to have a second football team. Not a serious one. This isn’t swapping allegiance we’re talking here — it’s additional allegiance.

How being a sports fan affects your life?

These relationships are significant: People who identify as sports fans have higher levels of self-esteem, lower levels of loneliness and tend to be more satisfied with their lives compared to those who aren’t interested in sports, Wann says. Fans tend to have more access to social support, help and resources as well.

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