Can I palm a basketball with 7 inch hands?

The general minimum hand size where you can comfortably palm a ball is a 7.5” hand length and 8 1/4” hand span. To measure your hand length, get a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

Do you need grip strength to palm a basketball?

Palming a ball requires grip strength. A strong grip will not only help you grip a basketball, it will also help your overall game. Grip strength will give you more control when you dribble and better “touch” when you shoot.

Are bigger hands better for basketball?

Many people think that being tall and having big hands are essential ingredients to being a successful basketball player. Hand strength, however, is a much more important factor in being able to dribble and shoot than hand size.

How big is LeBron James hands?

LeBron James

Bron’s hand size is huge for a normal human being but just fell short when comparing it with his fellow greats. James’ hand measurements are estimated to be nine inches long and 9.25 inches wide.

Did Kwame Brown have small hands?

The hands of Kwame Brown are shrinking by the season, fading from small to smaller. At this pace, he will be down to nubs before his 22nd birthday. The stagnation of Brown is believed to be connected to what is left of his hands. … Brown is blessed with the body of a Greek God but cursed with the hands of Mini-Me.

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Can most NBA players palm the ball?

While palming a basketball is by no means easy, and not everyone can do it, most NBA players can palm the ball so it’s not too surprising that LeBron is effortless at it.

How do you get grippy hands?

Here are the best exercises you can do to strengthen your grip quickly:

  1. Dumbbell head grab: Put a dumbbell on its end and pick it up by the head. …
  2. Farmer’s walks: Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells (heavy for you) and walk around! …
  3. Plate curls: A wrist strengthener that works the biceps too!
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