Best answer: Why do NBA players wear goggles after championship?

Why do NBA players wear goggles after a championship?

NBA players celebrate the championship with champagne. The reason why NBA players wear goggles when celebrating is to prevent champagne from spilling inside their eyes. It hurts and can cause irritation, which is why NBA players try to prevent it.

Does champagne burn eyes?

Perhaps one of the biggest lessons he learned from winning the title last night is that champagne baths are terrible for the eyes. … Curry learned the hard way that champagne can also lead to high levels of irritation in the eyes. In other words, to quote Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, “it burns…

Are goggles banned in the NBA?

In an unexpected reversal, the NBA has banned Dwyane Wade from playing in the tinted goggles he had utilized since Monday to combat the effects bright lights have had on his migraines. “It’s goggle-gate,” Spoelstra mused during his pregame media session. …

Why are black face masks banned in the NBA?

In fact, the main reason is that wearing a black mask is not conducive to the effective method of NBA referees. Wearing a black mask prevents the referee from observing the player’s expression and penalties, so the NBA will choose to prohibit everyone from wearing black masks.

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