Best answer: Who has the prettiest jumpshot in NBA history?

Allen is the owner of the greatest shooting form in NBA history and made a Hall of Fame career out of timely shots and his pretty jumper.

Who shoots the fastest in the NBA?

In his 152nd career game, Miami Heat sharpshooter Duncan Robinson set a new mark in record fashion by becoming the fastest player to make 500 threes in NBA history. Fastest player to 500 treys in the history of basketball. Robinson got to the mark 35 games quicker than Luka Doncic, the previous record-holder.

Who has the best jumpshot in NBA 2K21?

The Best Jumpshots

  • Best Hop Jumper: Stephen Curry. …
  • Release Timing: 75% speed seems to be the sweetspot for most players, but 100% speed is OP if you learn how to time it correctly. …
  • The Truth about Jumpshots: If you spend enough time with any jumpshot (even odd ones), you’ll more than likely master it.

Why does Shawn Marion shot like that?

‘ ” The origins of the shot are unclear, because Marion refuses to explain it. Sparks said the form was well established by the time Marion arrived at Vincennes as a 17-year-old. He theorized that Marion started shooting that way as a skinny, weak-armed youngster who had no other way to get the ball to the basket.

How fast does Steph Curry shoot?

Curry’s release was timed at . 4 seconds by Sports Science (average NBA release time is . 54 seconds). That means Curry’s ball travels 12′ in the air before the average NBA player ever gets the ball out of his hand …

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What is the fastest buzzer beater?

In Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 8.9 seconds to erase a 6-point deficit and beat New York, 107–105.

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