Best answer: Who are the best NBA coaches?

Who is the best coach in NBA history?

NBA’s 10 Greatest Coaches of All Time

  1. Phil Jackson. Jackson is greatest coach of all time.
  2. Red Auerbach. Auerbach was the “Godfather of the NBA.” He was the man of the Boston Celtics for over 30 years as a coach and an executive. …
  3. Gregg Popovich. …
  4. Pat Riley. …
  5. Larry Brown. …
  6. Lenny Wilkens. …
  7. Chuck Daly. …
  8. Rudy Tomjanovich. …

Who are the top 10 coaches in the NBA?

10 Coaches

Coach From W
Phil Jackson 1990 1155
John Kundla 1949 423
Don Nelson 1977 1335
Jack Ramsay 1969 864

Who is the youngest NBA coach to win a championship?

Who is the youngest NBA coach to win a championship? – Quora. Buddy Jeannette was player-coach for the 1947–48 NBA champion Baltimore Bullets. He was born 9/15/1917 and was 30 when the Bullets won the title.

How many black head coaches are in NBA?

Just seven Black coaches led teams in a league where 74% of players are Black. “These numbers are just disgraceful,” National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts told USA TODAY Sports this year. “It doesn’t make any sense.” Frustration has given way to encouragement.

Who chooses the NBA Coach of the Year?

The winner is selected at the end of regular season by a panel of sportswriters from the United States and Canada, each of whom casts a vote for first, second and third place selections.

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