Best answer: What does basketball symbolize in a dream?

What does basketball symbolize in dreams?

To dream of a basketball game represents a struggle to prove that your ideas are better than other people’s ideas. Struggling to prove you are right or more deserving of respect than someone else. Negatively, a basketball game may reflect an intense jealous competition to prove being right. …

What does a basketball hoop symbolize?

Basketball symbolizes a way to gain fame and wealth. It also represents a way for Lonnie to have a modicum of control over his life.

What does it mean to dream of a deflated basketball?

If you see yourself in a dream as a spectator of a basketball game, this indicates your shyness or self consciousness serves as a barrier to you reaching your goals. Furthermore, if you see yourself in a dream with a deflated basketball this simply means you are going to encounter some difficulties or hardships.

What does it mean to dream of a ball?

Dream experts say that dreaming of a ball represents a hobby and a pleasure. Dreaming about the ball also shows that your attention in life is to have fun, and forget about your daily duties. On the other hand, the ball also symbolizes that your life is perfect. Usually, round objects are related at the time around.

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What does it mean to be a goalkeeper in the dream?

What does it mean to dream of Goalkeeper? 1. To dream that you are a goalkeeper, means you will take part in the fixer.. … To dream you see someone else as a football goalkeeper, means you will take responsibility especially for deeds of others, who have professional or personal contacts..

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Dreaming about someone means you are feeling lonely, sad, or used. You deeply miss someone, but they do not have the same feelings. You struggle with moving on from this person and think about them constantly. … The good news is that they are likely also thinking about you, even if they don’t show any signs.

What does it mean when you dream crickets?

Cricket Dream Symbol – Dreaming of crickets are a sign of good luck. They indicate that all you work for is coming to fruition. … Crickets remind to take time for inner reflection to help form solutions to current tough challenges. A cricket jumping around suggests something or someone is annoying you.

What does ball symbolize?

The ball can represent the SUN or the MOON, each of which is a ball that moves through the SKY. The spherical aspect of a ball can also represent the celestial body, perfection and eternity. The symbol of ball in the dream world depicts your courage, strength and confidence to face things in life.

What does it mean when you dream about being in a play?

Play Dream Symbol – To dream that you are in a play in your dream can represent aspects of yourself that are projected into your sub conscious mind. Alternatively, dreaming about being in a play can indicate the desire to escape from your present day reality. …

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What is the meaning of playing football in the dream?

Dreaming about playing football can symbolize working in team. The symbol of football dream indicates courage, focus and determination to achieve things in life. … A football game represents confrontation, competition, and ambition but also that you have to be careful in choosing your friends or career.

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