Best answer: Can Curry still dunk?

Is Curry able to dunk?

He actually can dunk, even some 360s and windmills, but he is not the most athletic gifted person, so dunking in a game is pretty difficult for him, since he can be fatigued and chased down by a bigger defender.

How high can Curry jump?

Maximum Vertical Leap: 41 inches. Vertical Jump: over 40 inches.

How many times did Curry dunk?

Over his 11-year career, he’s only had 29 dunks (26 of them in the regular season).

What’s Stephen Curry vertical?

Stephen Curry’s Vertical Leap

Steph Curry boasts a vertical of 36 inches, about 8 inches higher than the NBA average.

Is a 30 inch vertical possible?

Not everyone can have a 30 inch vertical, much less a 40 or 50. Not everyone will be able to dunk a basketball.

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