Are the City jerseys in NBA 2K20?

The NBA has no shortage of memorable jerseys, and these ones featured in NBA 2K20 are among the very best. In recent years the association decided to give each team a new “city” version of their jersey which came with a unique design for each franchise. …

Where do you get Legend jerseys in 2k21?

Legend jerseys will be available in the NBA store. Unlock tier-one player panels. You can now purchase a low rider. Eyewear and backpacks will be available for purchase.

What is a NBA Store item?

Among its many products, the store sells current NBA & WNBA jerseys, replica jerseys of retired players, footwear, collectibles, photography, and other gifts. It has several departments, such as a home section, where customers can buy items like pillows, plates, and other NBA related items.

How do I change my team jersey in 2K20?

You click R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox) which it’ll lead you to the Arena & logo. There, to the left side of the screen it’ll show: Custom Jersey, Custom Arena, and Custom Logo. You can click on them and go ahead and edit your jerseys. It’s as fun making them as it is using them!

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